Gold-Tin (AuSn) Solder Electroplating

gold-tin solder platingMicralyne offers a patented process for electroplating AuSn solder alloy, at compositions from 10 to 40 Sn (wt%), in patterned or unpatterned shapes onto metallized substrates at virtually any thickness.

Hard eutectic Au-20 Sn (wt%) solder is commonly used for device packaging in optoelectronic and microelectronic industries due to its superior mechanical and thermal properties.

With increasing demands to reduce the size of electronic and optoelectronic parts, numerous attempts have been made in the packaging industry to miniaturize bonding media features in order to meet new requirements. This has necessitated the use of more delicate processes for depositing and placing solders between submounts and dies.

Micralyne’s AuSn solder electroplating process is an attractive alternative to current thin film techniques, owing to low production costs, and a firm control over thickness and composition.

Benefits of Micralyne’s Gold-Tin Solder Technology

  • Can electroplate AuSn solder to patterned or unpatterned substrates and eliminate the need to plate entire substrates. By reducing the amount of Au required, significant savings are possible.
  • A single solution is utilized to deposit Au and Sn together resulting in significant time savings, higher production rates. and it reduces the risk of Sn oxidation.
  • By controlling the current density, any composition within the range of 10 to 40 Sn (wt%) (including the commercially important 20 Sn (wt%)) can be deposited. This offers another manufacturing cost saving as it eliminates the need to post-anneal the AuSn solder deposit.
  • Thick AuSn solder deposits of up to 60 µm on patterned substrates have been successfully electroplated resulting in much greater processing flexibility.

In summary, a very uniform thickness and composition, a smooth plating surface and very high precision AuSn solder placement are all possible, resulting in major advantages for optoelectronic and microelectronic packaging applications.

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